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Making Time and Self-Care

It is that time of the year when shopping malls are getting busy and crowded. People seemed to be in a rush. Perhaps the shorter daylight hours make everyone feel that there just isn’t enough time. Perhaps coming to the year-end makes us feel that we have been worn out with all the year’s activities and accomplishments and gasping for our last ‘wind’ in this final ‘leg’ of the year. We have made time for our children, for our spouse, for our parents, our friends, our employers – and they are all well intentioned and often necessary. But sometimes we miss making time for ourselves – to Self-Care. Self-Care is about making time for yourself and treating yourself as kindly and as deserving as you treat others. Women often spent much of their time nurturing others, sometimes to the extent of being self-sacrificial and neglecting their own needs. If we run on ‘empty’ we will never be able to move forward to help others.

Here are some things that one can do to improve Self-Care.

o Sit and have your morning coffee/tea

o Talk to someone you trust

o Take a deep breath or take several deep breaths and relax

o Hug or stroke your pet

o Take a timeout – go in the bathroom or your bedroom and just sit for a few minutes

o Take a long, hot shower or if you enjoy a bath, add some Epsom salts.

o Apply your favorite body lotion – pick a scent that makes you feel relaxed or helps

to distress ie: peppermint, eucalyptus, lavender

o Watch your favorite TV show or read a book

o Go for a long walk

o Become more aware of nature – just sit and take it in, watching the little details of what you see.

o Go to a movie

o Cooking/baking

o Give yourself permission to feel upset and frustrated, and permission to overcome

these feelings

o Start a puzzle or bring out your knitting needles

o Turn off your cell phone once the kids are tucked in

o Structure your day to ensure it includes leisure time

o Massage

o Listening to music

o Writing

o Sleeping

and the list goes on…but the purpose is always: to relax, refocus, and enjoy.

Read the article “Self-Care - Easier said than done” by By Monica Kriese;

Moderator and Parent Facilitator for The FRIENDS Parent Program on our ...

Social & Emotional Learning Page

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