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No Bees Means No Food

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

Millions of bees are dying each year. A group called Environment Massachusetts is trying to increase public awareness about the plight of the bee. They say 40 percent of the bee population is dying each year, most due to pesticides called neonicotinoids. That type of insecticide is said to be 6,000 times more toxic than DDT.

Omar Ali of Environment Massachusetts says bees pollinate 71 of the top 100 crops in the world, providing 90 percent of the food worldwide. His group is telling the public: No bees means no food......

Environmental groups across Canada launched lawsuit against bee-killing chemicals known as 'neonicotinoids' or 'neonics' - 'Clothiamin' and 'Thiamethoxam'

While some of these things may be out of your control on a grand scale, on a smaller scale, you can help the bees. Humans are becoming more urban and bees are losing their habitat. You can create a bee-friendly environment, allowing them to reclaim at least a small part of their habitat.

Here are just a few suggestions from Packer:

1) Allow bare patches in your yard.

2) No woodchips!

3) Leave dead stems in place.

4) Build nest sites.

5) Build south-facing rockeries.

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