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Resilience – Anticipate, Organize, Adapt

Life’s journey is not just about walking on smooth and level paths. There are mountains to climb that makes the going tough. There are valleys that we walk that seemed difficult to get out of. We can’t just switch off a thunderstorm or switch on the sun – no matter how much we would like this to be possible.

If we learn to be resilient, we can enjoy the sunshine when it is around and dance in the rain when there is no other choice. Resilience is about coping with adversities.

Enjoy this video clip on Resilience – Anticipate, Organize, Adapt.

Our next Origami craft class on Friday, 29 July 2016 will teach kids on the topic of Resilience (emotional flexibility) and make an origami HUMMINGBIRD.

Our free Origami class is conducted once a month in our studio or at participating school events. Kids are taught to fold different craft objects, and a character lesson is also taught during the class session.

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