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Summer Camp 2019

(July and August)

Micro:Bit Guitar
Micro:Bit lemon
Micro:Bit Piano
Scratch Piano
Micro:Bit XBox
MicroBit Watches
Granola bar
Puff paint
Weaving - Rabbit
Straw pan flute
Catapult challenge
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2019 Instructor for Coding/ Robotics/ Engineering:  
Gavin Gu
Gavin is an electrical engineering student at the University of Toronto with interests in robotics and programming as well as a passion for teaching children. During his time at the U of T, he joined their robotics association and was a runner-up in their annual Sumo competition where he created and programmed a small, autonomous robot to force his opponents out of a sumo ring. He is also an avionics member of the university’s Aerospace team and helps in modifying and repairing the various electrical components of their UAV drone for competitions. His personal interests include playing hockey, competing in robotics related hackathons, and tinkering with his Raspberry Pi. He also joined his peer-tutoring program during his senior years in high school where he hoped to guide younger students to succeed in their education.
2019 Instructor for Arts & Music:  
Mikayla Kwan
Mikayla is currently studying at Sheridan College in Ontario, in their well renowned Bachelor of Music Theatre Performance Program. She has received extensive training in theatre, music, and dance. Mikayla has been dancing since she was 2 and a half years old, and is trained in all different styles from ballet and Chinese dance to tap, hip hop, and jazz. Through dance, she has performed at Disneyland and at the Paralympic Opening Ceremony in 2010. She was also part of Arts Umbrella’s Senior Musical Theatre Troupe from 2016-2018, and performed in the musicals Urinetown and Oklahoma.
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