Believe In Your Child Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to educate and empower children with skills and competencies that will help form the foundation for life-long learning.


Our Kids Studio/Education Centre facility in North Burnaby strives to offer a variety of programs to provide opportunities for children to develop different skill sets. Our goal is to see children gain confidence and self esteem, and discover their own full potential while growing up. We are selective in the teachers we hire as we want teachers who have a heart for educating the young and be good role models. 

We had very successful Spring Break and Summer Camps in the last 2 years. Students at our Camps learned and have fun while participating in a mixture of tech and non-tech activities - Coding and Robotics, Science, Engineering, Dance, Art, Cooking, Board Games, Reading, Tag Games and Sewing.

After extensive consideration, we unfortunately will not be offering any July-August camps in Summer 2021.  However we have selected several hands-on STEM programs links that your kids can learn at home.

It’s almost impossible to keep your kids away from the Internet in the modern age, and in truth, why should we? It’s an essential part of their lives, and a great opportunity for them to learn, develop, and possibly even encourage a future career.  Here are some links for your kids

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Please feel free to view the picture gallery of our past Summer Camps

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