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How should we teach our children to respond to unfairness?

We all have being wronged by others or by some unjust system. It is even more painful if we see our child being the one who is hurt by unfairness and inequality.

But as adults, will this sense of what is fair and right cause us to be offended when we see those who wronged us get away and not brought to justice? How should we respond to unfairness and inequality?

We can stand up for justice and the righteousness that we believe in; in some cases, it is necessary to do so to protect ourselves and our loved ones. But we need to be careful and not be lost in that righteousness if it is unproductive to do so – especially if it causes even more pain and cost to ourselves.

Psychologists and counselors will suggest that it is sometimes necessary to come to terms with the apparent lack of fairness in life. Healing and getting stronger is possible despite what you have gone through. Dwelling on all that is unfair could deepen your hurt or anger and hold you back from moving forward in life. This is what we need to teach our children.

Here is a video clip of an experiment on 2 monkeys being paid unfairly and unequally.

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